Friday, September 3, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

So I got a call from the GI doctor's office about my consultation for my endoscopy (you know, to grab those pesky stones in my belly) and they said I couldn't see anyone until Sept. 29. I am not real good at math, but that seems like a long time to wait to talk to somebody just so I can schedule the actual procedure, and Lord only knows how long I will have to wait for that. I did ask the nurse to expedite the situation, and she said she would see what she could do. That was yesterday morning and I haven't heard a thing yet. It is not looking good.

In the meantime I am suffering. I have an upset stomach every single day. Sometimes it gets really bad; like I have sharp things trying to poke their way out of my belly and even through my back. Every time I eat I feel nauseous, and sometimes it hurts so bad I can't even think about working out. Yesterday, it was raining when I got up and I really didn't feel like running. So, I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. The good thing is that I am so turned off by food that have actually lost a couple of pounds. I am planning on riding my bike tomorrow, weather permitting, and I would like to make the ride a little longer since we don't really have any place to be. We will definitely have to see how I feel.

I just can't believe that it is going to take a month to get in to see the doctor. Like s/he doesn't have 30 minutes between now and then to talk to me about the procedure and get it scheduled. Is there a shortage of GI specialists? Is somebody going on vacation? Are there thousands of individuals with digestive health issues clogging up the calendar? What is the deal?! It would seem that my best hope for relief is that my pain and suffering get to a critical point where an emergency room visit is the only answer. Oh, by the way, ER visits cost $200 a pop on my insurance. Maybe if I pass out or puke in the waiting room somebody will take this shit seriously.

I know this post has almost nothing to do with fitness, but it has everything to do with my health. This "problem" consumes my every thought. Sometimes I am fearful of eating, I am completely disinterested in working out, and all I really want to is curl up and go to bed. Unfortunately, if I have to live with this for the next several months, hiding from my everyday life is the last thing I can do. Seriously, is there a doctor in the house?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What is the gall bladder's favorite band?

(The title of this is stolen from a text that my friend sent me; thanks Matt)

Today's weight: 209 lbs

No weight lost, but none gained either. I am okay with that. Why? Because I have been sick. After the four year old birthday party I started to feel kind of yucky. I had a lot of abdominal discomfort and some heart burn/reflux. I attributed all of it to overindulging on food and beer. But the belly discomfort began to turn to belly pain. Sometimes a dull ache and sometimes a sharp, localized, stabbing, kind of pain. I also had the feeling that I was constipated. I hadn't had a satisfying poo in a few days. A couple of days later the pain started to be in my back, along the sides. I thought for sure I had a kidney stone. I called the doc and went in for a look. The diagnosis: no kidney stone, but I was the proud parent of a gall stone. The problem with this is that I had my gall bladder removed 3 years ago. Then, I found out that gall stones can still grow in the remaining bile ducts, and continue to cause many of the same symptoms and problems that the original gall bladder attacks used to give me. That sucks! The next day after I talked to the doc, I went for a run, and I don't know if it was mental or what, but I did terrible. I only ran 2 miles, I was in a lot of pain,and just struggled in general. Maybe I just used it as an excuse. When I was talking to my doc, I told her that I had been having a lot of heart burn when I was doing my long runs for the half marathon training (another reason I stopped training). It started while I was running and would continue for much of the day. She told me that was probably an indication of this particular issue. If I had only known then...

What's next? I will actually have to go in for a procedure where the doctors will snake a scope down my throat, through my stomach, and into my small intestine. When they reach the bile ducts, they are supposed to be able to see and remove the stones while they are in there. It is supposed to be a "simple" procedure, but we shall see.

Until such time, I will remain in frequent pain and discomfort. My biggest concern is my health in general. Sometimes I feel like since I turned 30, I have had some pretty serious health issues. And here I am in some of the best shape of my life and I can't go 2 months without a trip to the doctor. Between these "gall" stones and the epididymus inflammation, it has been an annoying stretch. I guess I am just hoping that I can get through this thing and get back to normal.