Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Line-up

Now announcing the starting line-up for your Team Brothers & Sisters (powered by Racing Home)!

Leading off and hailing from the great city of Monticello, IL....Katie Fulton!  Two years ago, Katie graciously agreed to join her husband on his quest to get fit and stay healthy.  At the time Katie swore to never run in the outdoors, but was soon persuaded to give it a try.  Later, she would not claim to being a "runner".  She would only admit to the title of "jogger", but was once again led to believe otherwise.  She has completed several 5K races in her short career.  Katie was initially not pleased to learn the length of her run here at the Illinois Marathon Relay, 6.7 miles, but has attacked her training with gusto, and is more than ready to tackle the first leg of this race.

Next up, also hailing from Monticello...Brian Fulton!  Brian is the author of this blog.  If you would like to learn more about his accomplishments, please read additional posts.

Running third and hailing from the booming metropolis of Chicago, IL...Joe Sawicki!  Joe is a multisport athlete, actively participating and organizing in softball and flag football leagues all over the Greater Chicago area.  Joe's goal to beat Brian's run time will be a challenging one, but we are sure he is up for the task.  Joe's greatest accomplishment is dating Brian's sister, Anita, for four years and surviving to talk about it! 

Anchoring this team of All-Stars, also making her way down from the Second City...Anita Fulton!  Anita's greatest accomplishment was surviving a childhood tormented by her annoying, (much) younger brother!  Just returning from a short training hiatus in Cabo Wabo, Anita also claims not to be a runner, but is convinced she will finish strong as long as there are a couple of water breaks along the way and maybe a margarita or two at the finish.

There you have it folks, your 2011 Team Brothers & Sisters.  Now let's put the kids to bed and settle in for a great Illinois Marathon.  I think it's going to be a long one.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Race Week!

That's right!  It's go time!  In just 4 days, I will be running one leg of the Illinois Marathon Relay.   I have been a part of a few races in my short career, mostly small events, with only a few hundred participants.  This is the effing "Catalina Wine Mixer" of races for me.  Thousands of participants, hundreds of volunteers, there is a freaking expo prior to the race!  I am super pumped! 

I am also a little nervous!  Not about the run.  I have been preparing for this for quite some time.  I am currently injury-free (knocking on wood).  And I anticipate having an incredible run.  I am nervous about the logistics.  Neither my teammates nor I have ever been in a race this big.  I have no idea what to expect when we show up on race day.  When you throw in the idea of a relay team and getting everybody where they need to be on time, the difficulties can certainly seem overwhelming.  I know where everybody is supposed to be for the hand off, but getting to these locations considering road closures and traffic detours, I question if we are as prepared as we should be.

Now the weatherman is calling for heat and ran.  Just another obstacle which we will have to overcome.  I am not too scared about running in the rain, but if it turns to lightning I am assuming they will close the race, or at least postpone it for a short time.  How does that work if you are already out on the course?  I hope there will be some answers at the expo on Friday.

I am trying not to let these concerns get the best of me.  All I really want is to go out and have the run of my life!  I ran 7.13 miles last Saturday over the hilly terrain of Iowa City.  I completed the run in 51 minutes!  I am shooting for 6.9 miles over the flat terrain of East Central Illinois in 49 minutes!  I think I can do it.  Check that; I know I can do it!  I am leaving my HR monitor at home; heart rate be damned!  I am going to leave it all out on the course! Death or Glory!  It's the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Back!

If anyone cares, I apologize for not posting for the past 4 weeks.  I have no excuse, except that life has literally gotten in the way. I have been interrupted by lunch meetings, errands, and vacation.  However, I did  manage to do quite a few fun things.  So here's a list of some of the things that I did while I was away:

1.  I went for the first bike ride of the year.  I got Roxanne all checked up and lubed.  A couple of days later I went for a nice 27 mile ride.  It was a great ride and much needed since I scheduled for a 46 mile ride on May 15!

2.  I went golfing.  Is 107 a good score on a nine hole, par 3 course?

3.  I got the garden tilled, planned, started planting some of my cold crops, and got my tomato plants started in the basement.

4.  I ran my fastest ever mile (6:17) and 10k (43:47).  I am very excited about both and I feel really good for my upcoming races.

5.  I had probably the best meal of my life at The Publican in Chicago with my best friend, Anthony.  trust me n this one, the sweetbread is not to be missed!

6.  I got our team shirts done for the Illinois Marathon.  They look super sweet; I can't wait for everyone to see them.

7. While my running has been going really well, my diet has gone completely off the reservation!  I have gained 7 pounds since my birthday and am none to happy about it.  Unfortunately I have no one to blame, but myself.

8.  I got the yard seeded and fertilized.  I still have to buy a mower before I can complete the trifecta.

9.  I spent lots of quality time with my friends and family.  It was much needed and appreciated.

10.  I got to see my good friends, ,the Boyds, and their new baby, Charley.  They had been serving in Spain for the past 3 years and our now back in the States on their way to their new post in San Diego.

11.  Probably most exciting, while out for a 7 mile run on a Saturday morningI had poopy cramps and had to duck behind a tree at the local golf course to relieve myself.  Thank goodness there were plenty of leaves around!  I really thought I could wait until McDonald's before I had to go, but I just couldn't make it.

...and that is what I have been doing while I was away.  What have all (two) of you been up to?  I hope to get back on schedule with my posts.