Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Line-up

Now announcing the starting line-up for your Team Brothers & Sisters (powered by Racing Home)!

Leading off and hailing from the great city of Monticello, IL....Katie Fulton!  Two years ago, Katie graciously agreed to join her husband on his quest to get fit and stay healthy.  At the time Katie swore to never run in the outdoors, but was soon persuaded to give it a try.  Later, she would not claim to being a "runner".  She would only admit to the title of "jogger", but was once again led to believe otherwise.  She has completed several 5K races in her short career.  Katie was initially not pleased to learn the length of her run here at the Illinois Marathon Relay, 6.7 miles, but has attacked her training with gusto, and is more than ready to tackle the first leg of this race.

Next up, also hailing from Monticello...Brian Fulton!  Brian is the author of this blog.  If you would like to learn more about his accomplishments, please read additional posts.

Running third and hailing from the booming metropolis of Chicago, IL...Joe Sawicki!  Joe is a multisport athlete, actively participating and organizing in softball and flag football leagues all over the Greater Chicago area.  Joe's goal to beat Brian's run time will be a challenging one, but we are sure he is up for the task.  Joe's greatest accomplishment is dating Brian's sister, Anita, for four years and surviving to talk about it! 

Anchoring this team of All-Stars, also making her way down from the Second City...Anita Fulton!  Anita's greatest accomplishment was surviving a childhood tormented by her annoying, (much) younger brother!  Just returning from a short training hiatus in Cabo Wabo, Anita also claims not to be a runner, but is convinced she will finish strong as long as there are a couple of water breaks along the way and maybe a margarita or two at the finish.

There you have it folks, your 2011 Team Brothers & Sisters.  Now let's put the kids to bed and settle in for a great Illinois Marathon.  I think it's going to be a long one.

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