Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pimp my Ride...for Multiple Schlerosis

I have been talking quite a bit about my upcoming run and biking events, and I am still training hard for my 10k race and 46 mile bike ride on May 15 and 16, respectively. However, I am writing today, about one of the bigger events I have coming up this summer, and I am asking for your help.

For a few years now, pretty much since Katie and I started having children, my family and I have been making more of an effort to make a difference in our communities for the betterment of our world. Some of that has been focused on volunteering (I serve food on occasion at a local homeless shelter) and fundraising (we organize support for area service projects on our birthdays, check out Alaric's latest b-day party). With my new emphasis towards health and fitness, and this desire to give back to the world, I have been looking for ways to combine both efforts. Most runs and rides go to support some sort of organization; the proceeds from my 10k go to the local hospital, and my 46 mile ride goes to support the local Lions Club. I had also been looking for something a little bit bigger. Fortunately, I have found one such opportunity.

On June 12-13 I am participating in a 175 mile bike ride, Bike MS: Tour de Farms, in and around Dekalb, Illinois. I am riding as a member of the YMCA Lake View team, captained by my good friend, Mira Kaiser. As a rider in the event, I have committed not only to riding the full 175 miles, but I have also committed to raising money to go towards research, education, and support for multiple schlerosis and ms patients. And I really need your help. Please visit my Bike MS personal page, click_here. You can take a look at some information about the event, read up on some of the information about the fight against multiple schlerosis, and you can donate to my efforts and team by clicking "Donate to Brian!". Any support that you may be able to give would go a long way in the fight against this terrible disease that affects so many people locally and around the world.

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  1. $20 from Jack and June and $25 from Uncle Kent and Aunt Tracy! We're getting there, honey! No matter how much money you raise- the work you are doing, the efforts, and the PR on this website of what you do and why will make a difference!