Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not only my favorite category in Jeopardy, but it is a pretty good description of the brain dump I have for today's post.

First, this morning I ran my fastest 2 miles, EVER! I had been doing really well with my speed training on Thursdays and this morning was no different. When I got out on the road, I decided to really push it. For the first 200 yards, I thought, "This is going to be easy." Then my heart started to race a little bit and my breathing became somewhat erratic. But I got my breathing under control and I really concentrated on taking long, fast strides, 3:32 at the half mile. My body finally really settled in, I was still pushing hard, but my form improved and everything just seemed to be falling in line, 6:50 at Mile 1. Holy crap, a sub-7 minute mile! Everything was continuing to go well. I began to wonder just how long I could keep this pace; at that point it seemed like awhile. As I turned the corner for the last 200 yards, I picked up the pace just a hair. My legs felt good, but I got that "I-think-I-might-puke" feeling in my stomach and chest. I kept it up and hit the finish line thinking, "That was a really fast time!" And it was, for me at least, 13:38.97. A sub-14 minute 2 mile run; I was pumped. I calculated later that I was running an average of 8.79 mph, and it felt good.

Weight loss: I haven't really lost any more weight. For a couple of days I had actually gained a couple of pounds. I didn't weigh in for a couple of more days, and then this morning I got on the scale and BAM!; I was back down to my low weight. Which makes almost no sense, since I ate like crap yesterday, but I'll take it. On somewhat of the same subject: I may not be losing any weight, but my body is changing its shape. I can see it in my face and neck, and I have been sliding into the last notch on my belt with increased ease. I am certain that it is due to the workouts, and it is really a lot of fun. While I don't look quite like Leonidas yet, I think it should happen any day now (I can dream dammit!)

In-ride nutrition: A subject of increasing importance. On my 30 mile ride last week, at about mile 25 I started to get really confused and just kinda "cloudy". I knew I needed to get a bite to eat, but the wind that day had required almost constant two handed driving. Finally, I got to a stretch with the wind at my back and gnashed on a kashi protein bar (I was using Pop tarts for awhile, but these little bars have really changed my mind). It was exactly what the doctor ordered. Immediately after eating the bar, I was re-energized and my head was back on my shoulders, instead of in the clouds. Now, I know each individual is different, but I feel like I should be able to ride further than 25 miles without feeling that way. Fat Cyclist said recently that for a 2 hour ride all one needs is a couple of liters of water. If I ride for 2 hours with just water, I would be in a coma. Again, I know it is different for each individual, but are there any suggestions for how often I should be eating on my rides?

That is all I have for now, but I got a few more ideas kicking around, so be on the lookout.

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