Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Final Countdown

Believe it or not that is still one of my friend's, Benj's, favorite songs, and I have to admit that there is something about it, besides the big hair and synthesizer, that really gets me going.

That is right; it is the Final Countdown.  My first half marathon takes place in just 5 short days, but that is not what I am counting down to.  In just 3 days, I will be cutting my hair into a mohawk and shaving my goatee down to a moustache (don't worry, I will post some pictures).  No real reason other than I wanted to do something fun for the race, but this is not what I am counting down to either.  My countdown is for something much more important than any of these things.  I am counting down to my first post-race beer.

Back in August, I posted that I was going to be giving up drinking any alcohol until my half was finished.  I had tried to commit to just 7 drinks a week, but was not very successful, so I went Full Monty and gave up the sauce entirely until I was finished.  This has been the biggest commitment to my training, and if I had to do it over again I do not know if I would make the same decision.  I have been to a couple of guy's nights out, a 5 year old's birthday party (yes, there was plenty of alcohol there), and 2 tailgates with hardly a sip of alcohol.  I have been to our annual block party and several evening on the neighbor's back porch and stayed stone cold sober for them all.  I am not saying that one must consume alcohol to enjoy these things, and I have not regretted feeling good every weekend morning.  However, I would have enjoyed a good malt beverage or two at many of these events.  And sadly, my lack of consumption has not translated into greater weight loss, mostly because I have over compensated with food.  Simply, I have missed the taste of a good beer on a sunny summer day.  I think there is almost nothing more American than drinking a cold beer and grilling some good food in the parking lot of a college football game.

Fortunately for me, the half marathon is almost finished.  I am going to smear Apolo Ohno's personal best all over the course. And when I finish the race, I am going to receive my medal and walk straight over to the complementary beer tent (Thank you, Miller Brewing Co.) and have my first beer in almost 2 months.  I know it will be before 10am, but I think I deserve it.  Hell, I've been counting on it!

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