Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a Crazy, Mixed Up World

I want a blender.  Katie and I used to have a blender.  We registered for it for our wedding.  And like most things that you register for your wedding, we hardly used it.  Then we took the blender over to a friend's house for a cocktail party and it burnt up on chopping ice.  I was not surprised.  The blender was affordable, and therefore not the most durable of things in the world.  Nor was I really broken up over it breaking down.  Like I said just a second ago we hardly used the thing.  We would make the occasional milkshake and maybe a couple of other recipes, but really not too much.

Why now do I want a blender?  Simple, because I do not have one.  But also I received this recent article from Runner's World about nutritious smoothies.  The smoothies sound really good, and sometimes (i.e. right now) I fascinate about being a creator and consumer of delicious, nutritious smoothies. I want to include all manner of antioxidant-loaded, carcinogen-fighting, cholestorol-lowering fruits and vegetables.  I want boost my metabolism and lower my fat with greek yogurt and whey protein.  I want to be a smoothie kind of guy.

There are just a few problem with this fascination; number one being I am not a smoothie kind of guy.  I sit here and think that these concoctions will be nutritious and delicious, but the fact remains that pureed spinach has a tendancy to taste like sand and a pint of heavy cream is about the only thing that can cover it up!  Plus I am a cheap bastard.  The moment I thought about getting a blender, I questioned if I might be able to find one at the resale store.  I am sure I could find a blender there, but not the kind that could whip through a carrot at 10,000 rpm.  A real smoothie making machine/blender cost a pretty penny.  When you add the cost of the fresh produce my dreams begin to crumble.  Don't get me wrong, I buy and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies now.  But when you emascerate these items within an inch of their lives, it simply takes more of them to reach a satisfying volume.  When you add in the cost whey protein and ground flaxseed, you begin to relate to the alcoholics drinking their way into a bankruptcy.

It's a crazy, mixed up world we live in, and sometimes its mixed in a blender.  But for now, this guy is going to get his veggies the old-fashioned way, covered in ranch dressing (fat-free, of course)!


  1. I love my blender and use it at least 3x per week! Pretty much any frozen fruit (which is not expensive) tastes delicious mixed with some almond milk, greek yogurt and a little bit of agave nectar or honey. I put raw spinach in too for the nutritional value but I can't taste it at all!

  2. I figured you would be a smoothie kind of girl! I am guessing that Jeff does smoothies as well. And you guys are both way healthier than I; maybe I should get the hint.