Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3 Pack Abs and More

So I decided to pick up the intensity and frequency of some of my workouts.  The biggest decision that I have made is that instead of walking 2 miles over my lunch break on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I am going to run 3 miles on campus each of those days. It actually decreases the time I spend working out by a few minutes, but definitely increases the intensity of the workouts.  Yesterday was the first day that I did so.  One big requirement for this process is that I need to bring all of my running gear to work with me three days a week.  Which also means that I need to wash my running gear more often as to not offend any parties with my intensely manly odor.  It also means that I am changing all of my clothes in my office twice on those days and the potential for literally getting caught with my pants down is greatly increased.  You may ask why I don't change in the bathroom stall, but as I stated before, the cockroaches in the bathrooms at work are of an intimidating size and therefore prohibit me from going barefoot for any amount of time.  The run went very well.  It was a bit windy out and kind of cold.  I pushed the pace a bit, but did still not run at a speed that I had hoped.  In the end though the experience went very well and I am going to continue.

Throwing an extra workout in yesterday has put my body in a bit of a tizzy.  In a 25 hour period I had lifted weights for 30 minutes, ran 3 miles, played basketball for an hour, and then ran an additional 4 more miles this morning and did my pull-ups and dips on the playground.  Needless to say, I am pretty tired and my body is a little sore.  Last nights basketball game had a bit more physicality than other nights.  I have a bruise on my right bicep, two scratches on my face, and a jammed finger.  And I loved every minute of it!  It will be interesting to see how my legs hold up to a leg workout tomorrow morning and 3 more miles over lunch.

I know it is early, but I am going to claim that the extra effort is already starting to show some results because strangest thing happened when I looked at myself in the mirror this morning.  Since losing 60 pounds, I have been able to see the start of two ab muscles just under my rib cage.  Mostly these are just propping up the pad of fat that resides over the rest of my belly, but I was proud of them nonetheless.  And then today I noticed a third ab protruding out of my stomach!  I made doubly sure that there was no dirt providing the the shade for an optical illusion, and felt around that it was not some sort of tumor.  After much inspection I feel fairly confident that it is in fact an abdominal muscle.  Sure it still has a layer of fat insulating it during these cooler months, but it is definitely an ab!  I am proud to say this day that I officially have 3-pack abs!  Eat your heart out, Situation!  Three more of these little things and I am going to be ready for bikini season!


  1. PLease don't wear a bikini...I love you too much. Do you want me to post a picture of your new bathingsuit to your followers? Love you and your three abs!

  2. Aww, thanks Honey. I love you too. Happy Valentine's Day!