Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The System

I went to open gym for basketball again last night.  I arrived a little bit later than usual and was the last player to shoot for teams.  No warm up, grabbed a ball and hit the free throw right off the bat; I had a good feeling.  I ended up on a really good, "young" team.  We had a big player that I had been forced to play against a few times, so I felt good that one, I would not have to guard him and two, he was on my team.

My team was first on the court and we had enough players that we could play 5 on 5 the whole night.  While this did mean that I would get plenty of playing time, I would also not get any breaks and the floor was really crowded.  The team started off really hot.  Several players made outside shots and I even had a couple of lay ups myself.  Before long my team figured out that we could really run the floor.  We started to get a ton of points off the fast break and most of our offense was in transtion.  We won the our first 2 games and then got our chance to sit one game while others played. 

While we sat on the sideline, the team talked about the number of points that we had made off the break.  When we went back out for the next game, it was as if Paul_Westhead was coaching on the sidelines.  Teammates were grabbing the defensive boards and players were immediately making a break for the other end of the floor.  It was like perfect harmony, rebound, release, outlet pass, drive, dish, lay up.  The points were piling up before we even knew it and we won our next 2 games in record time. 

We had time for one more game, but by this point most of us were pretty dogged.  The running and pace of the earlier games had taken their toll.  We ended up losing that last game, but it mattered very little because we had had so much fun in those first four.  I had not run like that in a competetive basketball game for 20 years, and it really did feel like we were playing System basketball.  It was a lot of fun.

I am really feeling the effects of last night's basketball today.  I took it really slow on my run this morning and my legs are still really sore now.   I am hoping to recoop enough to go for another swim this evening.

One thing that I have noticed while I am attempting to run 3 extra days a week, play basketball, and swim from time to time, is that I am starving!  My appetite is way up.  Which makes perfect sense considering the extra calories that I am burning.  However, I have yet to find that perfect balance where I am losing weight consistantly.  I may lose a couple of pounds one week, but I seem to be putting them back on the next.

 I do believe that I am gaining some muscle.  I have not been able to replicate my 5 pull_ups, but I do believe that has more to do with the weight training that I have been doing.  I have been able to do more reps with more weight and I feel like there is more mass and definition. 

Or I could just be a complete narcissist making exaggerated claims of success when really I just can't stop stuffing my face.  Only time will tell.

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