Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Schedule

Everything is starting to fall into place, as far as my rides and races for 2012 go.  So, I thought I would take the time to write down all of my events.  As I was starting to go over this post in my head, it really felt like a lot of things.  let's just see how it look when I am done, shall we:

April 28- Illinois Marathon Relay
This is the second year that I will be running in this event.  I love the team aspect of this race.  it is an experience that you can only get in an event of this size.  The full list of team members is still being decided, but there is sure to be more about this in event in the near future.

May 12- Kirby Derby (Bubba's first 5K!)
This is my third appearance in the Kirby Derby, but my focus will not be on my performance this year.  We will be running as a family, in full support of my 5 year old son, as he participates in his first 5K.  I could not be a prouder papa!

May 20- Sangamon River Valley Bike Ride
This will be my second foray into the SRVBR.  I again plan on riding the 46 mile course.  I hope for better weather this time around.  It is a beautiful ride and I plan on using this as a good training ride for events late in the year.

June 3- Galesburg Half Marathon Express
I have no idea why they are calling it an "Express", but this is a new race organized by a friend of mine from Galesburg, my home town.  This is a race of redemption for me as I attempt to avoid the sufferfest that was my first half.  Currently, I will make no claims about beating any Olympic athletes, but I certainly hope to improve my overall performance!

June 23 & 24- Bike MS: Tour de Farms 2012
This is again my second attempt to ride 175 miles in one weekend.  The last time out I was thwarted by rain, but I am hopeful that the weather gods will be on my side this year and I can complete a big goal I have.  Reminder: this is a charitable event, and if you should feel so inclined, please make a donation on my homepage here.

October 7 (or thereabouts)- Tri the Illini
My first attempt at a triathlon will come after a much needed break from competitive events.  My biking and running should be up to snuff, and hopefully my swimming will keep coming along as I prepare for this event. The event is run by a local University club of triathletes, so the date is yet to be determined, but it usually goes off about the first weekend of October.

October 28 (or so)- Allerton Trail Run
Last year's race was such a great experience and the location is so beautiful, that it would be impossible for me to pass up another chance at this event.

Okay so my assumptions were correct; that is a lot of darn events.  Thankfully I have a loving wife and family that supports me in these ventures, and every once in awhile will race with me!  Would anybody else like to join me?!

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