Thursday, March 29, 2012

New York State of Mind

For Christmas this past year my sister surprised Katie and I with a HUGE gift.  She bought us a trip to New York, including a hotel stay and Broadway show!  I know, I know, I have a very generous sister, and no, you cannot have her; she is mine.

Since receiving this gift I have been fairly preoccupied with the planning of the trip.  We are just there for the weekend, so time is of the essence.  Our sightseeing will be constrained to just a few highlights, Times Square, Empire State building, Ground Zero, etc.  But mostly I have been concerning my self with two important affairs.

The first being food.  For a formerly fat guy such as myself, food continues to be very important to me and New York is a great place for food.  There are all kinds of celebrity chefs with literally dozens of restaurants, as well as any number of just great places to eat.  I will make the effort to get to Katz's Deli and possibly convince Katie to fake an orgasm (see When Harry Met Sally), but for Friday night we chose 21 Club in the heart of the theatre district.  "21" is an old speakeasy that continues to be a hot New York spot.  We have to eat early because of the show (The Book of Mormon, super excited!), and because of that we will be eating off the prix-fixe menu (read "short and quick"), but I am excited to eat here nonetheless.  Dinner for Saturday night was a much more difficult decision; which chef do we go with?  I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain, but Les Halles did not seem to fit our ideas.  I despise Tom Collicchio, but I here Craft is really good and therefore ridiculously expensive.  Wylie Dufresne's food seems a bit haute-y for me and again expensive.  So we settled on a downplayed Daniel Boulud establishment called Bar Boulud.  The menu looked exciting and I hope it lives up to my expectation.

With so much emphasis on food, I knew that exercise was going to be necessary.  So, I will be going for a run in Central Park.  This was actually my first idea before any other thing on the agenda.  When am I ever going to get the chance to run in Central Park again?!  I figure it will be a great way to see the park, and while I don't have a bucket list, I am pretty sure this would be on it.  The problem now is the weather.  While it should be great weather back here in Illinois, they are calling for 35 degrees Saturday morning with a chance of rain.  I am certainly concerned about this affecting our planned activities for Saturday, but I am most concerned with what to wear for the run.  I just got off the phone with Katie and asked her to pack my hat and gloves "just in case".  I am also curious about the route to take.  There are several running routes recommended online, the longest one being about 6.5 miles.  the only problem is that I don't think I can convince Katie and my sister to run that route with me.  I may have to vale the idea with something about, "we wouldn't want to miss seeing anything, would we?  what if there is something really cool on this end of the park?" Do you think that will fool anyone?

Anyway, I am super excited for this trip and I expect to give a full report of my run through Central Park, when I post again next Tuesday!

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