Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now that's just embarrassing!

This week's weigh-in: 209 lbs

What the [eff]? I spent all last week talking up a storm about how I was so committed to losing weight and blah, blah, blah...and what do I get? The exact freaking opposite. I went out and gained weight. I feel like such a schmuck!

There are no real excuses for this hypocrisy. I just went out and was completely undisciplined. I already talked about my delicious BBQ ribs on Thursday. Those were followed on Friday with a dinner out with my wife and some friends. I had appetizer, soup, lamb chops, and quite a few bites of a dessert. Does that even sound like a guy trying to lose weight? It sounds more like a Joey Chestnut (see above) warm-up. Followed up on Saturday with a 4 year old's birthday party. I had a burger, beans, chips, dip, cake and about 10 beers to wash it down. Again not exactly the Seattle Sutton menu. On Sunday, I was hungover like a big bear's ass. Those 10 beers had killed me. I didn't even feel well enough to eat until well into the afternoon. Luckily, Sunday afternoon was our annual block party. No beer, but I did have the brisket, the beans, half a brat, cucumber salad (w/ sour cream), baked macaroni and cheese, and topped it off with a couple of cream puffs.
Seriously, I should have weighed 250 again. It was ridiculous. It really makes me question what deeper issues I have that food serves to mask? Why do I find so much comfort in food? And why can I not be more disciplined with my eating?
So I guess that is certainly a goal for this week. I am going to be more disciplined with my eating. One day at a time, right?
"Hi, my name is Brian, and I am addicted to food..."

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