Friday, August 27, 2010

May the Force be with you!

Soooo...things are actually falling back into order. My eating has been under control. I have indulged, like drinking a few beers after work yesterday and having a scoop of fake-fried ice cream with my wife last night, but I have also been much better with my choices of food and portion control. Wednesday night we were in Champaign to see our new nephew and we were there late enough that we needed to eat out and went to the Courier Cafe. I ordered the salad bar, but was still careful with my portion of potato salad. Last night ,we pooled our dinner together with some neighbors and I was conscious of not going back for seconds until I gave my first plate some time to digest. I have had a couple of salads at lunch and overall things are going pretty well.

On the topic of exercise, I had the fastest 4 mile run I have had in weeks yesterday morning. I ran 4.082 miles in 30:36; that works out to be a gnats hair under 7 1/2 minutes per mile. I was stoked! And oddly enough, it never really felt like I was killing myself during the run. I could not have been more excited about it. I am also excited about riding my bike tomorrow morning; it is going to have to be early and fast because we are leaving the house at 8am to go to Chicago.

And that brings me to my last point, I am nervous about going to Chicago and over-indulging. We have a party for some friends that are getting married. the invite says that food, wine and beer will be provided. When food and beer are free, I have a really hard time not taking advantage of that. Plus just being with friends and socializing is a great reason to drink 12 beers. We plan on meeting some friends and my sister for brunch on Sunday. Breakfast at a restaurant is a very dangerous situation for me. Breakfast foods can pack a ton of calories especially if you drench them in sausage gravy (mmm...). So, I guess I will do my best monitor my intake. Maybe have a water (chased with some scotch) between every beer, just to cut back a little on the calories. Or maybe I can use the Jedi mind trick on myself? "These are not the potato skins you are looking for." Who knows?


  1. Use the one bite method for desserts and other sweets. Eat any meals, but with desserts take one bite and wait ten minutes. If you still want more after ten minutes, have another bite and repeat. I bet you won't want more ten minutes after the first bite.

  2. Great advice Jeff! We could all benefit from that. I know that Justin and I constantly wolf down our food instead of eating slowly and just enjoying the time together.