Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have long been a firm believer that no one does anything entirely by themselves; no success comes without the help of others. And the same goes for my success with my health and weight loss.

I receive a tremendous amount of love and support from my family.  Katie has been my partner and biggest cheerleader through everything.  She has also been the biggest promoter of my blog.  Our parents have been tremendous financial and moral support with donations to our charity races and coming to watch some of our races.  Our kids are always our biggest cheerleaders and sometimes our training partners running races through the house or going for bike rides.

My weight loss support group has helped me to be accountable to others and the support they provide with their kind words or encouragement has been invaluable.

Most recently, after a simple blog post about my struggle with weight loss, I was blessed with some great advice and encouragement from friends and relative experts on the subject of health and weight loss.

After reading the post, Katie immediately emailed these friends of ours, and just as quickly they responded with comments to my post that included a lot of information that I desperately needed.  Mira, an tremendous athlete in her own right and HUGE Queen fan, had some really good advice and difficult questions for me to think about.  After a phone conversation with her the next morning, I had a really good education about my health and nutrition. Jeff, a world renowned blogger and thespian, provided me with some much needed grounding about my weight goals.  Jeff's wife, Dee, a personal trainer and glowing mom-to-be, gave me much more food for thought.  When I look back at their advice as a whole, I came to some stark realizations:

1.  I have a lot to learn about my health, fitness, and athletic training.
2.  Sometimes our goals are irrational and need to be adjusted.
3.  I am so very happy to have such good family, friends, and teammates looking out for me, giving me advice, and in general being there for me when I need them.

Thank you very much to all of you!  I still have a lot to work through as far as how I exercise, how I eat, and how I measure my success, but I know that I will be successful with a team like you on my side.


  1. Amen, brother.

    We're all always learning. Health/fitness is always a moving target which means our goals have to be, too.

    Keep on rockin' it.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself, Jeff. Bri, you're successful in so many ways - as a husband, father, son and friend. And realizing your health goals is a constant and never ending process. If it wasn't a struggle then everyone'd be doing it. You're ahead of the game.

  3. you have come a long way bri and we are all trying to figure out that healthy balance in our lives. i can't wait to see where you will go! xoxo