Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Non Sequitur

On my Saturday morning run I saw and was followed by a young whitetail buck.  It was pretty cool to see and seemed to be relatively interested in watching me.  The buck waited in the adjacent cornfield for me to get close to it, then trotted up the trail aways.  Then as I neared it again, it did the same thing.  As this was happening, I thought about the ancient tribes that used to run animals to death (you know, the ones talked about in that book, Born to Run).  And in the same thought, I had a new found appreciation for modernity.

Black Bean Soup by Progresso is disgusting and currently has me feeling quite nauseous.

I ran my first 200 meter sprint in 30.78 seconds!  I was freaking ecstatic.  I am not sure that I can count it as my 30 second 200m because I was slightly wind-aided and may have cut over a couple of lanes around the curve; it was dark and I was having trouble seeing the track.

I am thankful to Brian Sowinski for providing healthy vegetables at last night's gettogether!  Although, the gooey, warm cheese dip tasted way better!

I did 4 pull-ups in a row again!  Still ecstatic!  I think I am going to get that 5th pull up before Thanksgiving!

Because of some sympathy eating with my son during his recovery, I threw in a 17 mile bike ride on Friday, 2.5 extra miles on my Saturday run, and an additional 4 mile run on Sunday.  I think I am going to show a loss for the week, but it is going to be close.

I think I get a little obsessed about calorie intake.  I chose a Miller Lite over a Bud Heavy last night because I thought it would contain fewer calories.  But then I did not hesitate when Sean offered me a Rogue Mocha Porter.  So, my obsession certainly has its limits.

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