Thursday, January 5, 2012

Music in Motion

I am not much of a music listener.  Sure, I have a sizable collection of music, but it is mostly on CD's because I just don't care that much to load them on iTunes.  I also enjoy taking in a good live show of almost any genre of music, but rarely do I buy music to listen to at home.  For the most part I listen to talk radio at home in the mornings and in the car.  My rationale for this is that I do not get the opportunity to watch the nightly news, read the paper, or check the news online, so my only real source of current events is talk radio and it serves me pretty well.

There is one consistent time in my day that I listen to music, and that is on my iPod when I am out for a run.  The heart rate monitor and the sportband have gone by the wayside, but the one technological consistent in my fitness has been my iPod.  I thoroughly enjoy having music to listen to while I am running, and sometimes biking (yes, I know it is dangerous, but it is completely necessary when riding solo and I turn the volume down in order to hear the cars approaching).  I have a mixed bag of music loaded on my playlist.  Some of songs may need to be put on the shelf, but others I find to be just the right tune to keep me moving.

While this may upset some of my Russian fan base (I had 2 Russian visitors to this sight just last week, or maybe it is the same person twice), I have 3 songs from the Rocky IV soundtrack, Hearts on Fire, Burning Heart (I just realized those are saying exactly the same thing), and No Easy Way Out.  I am sure that I have completely romanticized these songs from my childhood, but when I hear them come on the headphones I begin to imagine myself running up the side of a snow-capped mountain, finally reaching the summit, and yelling, "Drago!"  I might just put these songs on repeat the next time I do hill repeats!  As a side note, did you know that Dolph Lundgren gave up an opportunity to get his doctorate in chemical engineering from MIT in order to pursue an acting career?  I think he should have stuck with the engineering.

There are few other "oldies" such as Baba O'Reilly and Reign Over Me, but the largest contingent of music on my iPod is in the rap/hip-hop genre.  This usually comes as a surprise to most people, but I love rap music!  Some of my favorites are Erase Me by Kid Cudi, Hero by Nas, and Not Afraid by Eminem.  There are 3 songs that I have downloaded recently that I really enjoy.  The first is Run This Town with Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye.  I just feel like this has to be a staple in any runners playlist even though the lyrics have almost nothing to do with actually running.

The next song is Lighters by Bruno Mars ft. Eminem and somebody else (sorry).  It is a song about achieving in the face of adversity and doubt.  How can anyone struggling to lose weight NOT listen to this one?!

I have a Christmas gift card to iTunes to thank for my most recent addition to my playlist, Ni**as In Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye.  It has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I would be familiar with, but I love it nonetheless.  I played it for my wife this morning and she just simply smiled and shook her head at me.  "Nobody know what is means, but it's provacative!" 

So, now you know.  I don't listen to much music, but when I do it certainly keeps me going!

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