Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Scratch that; reverse it.

The Ugly:

Every single person in my house has been sick for the past week. Alaric started complaining of a stomach ache and proceeded to have a stomach virus problem for 3 days. I finally thought he was over it, and then he threw up on the floor of the kitchen Sunday morning. Amara started getting extremely crabby and needy, so we knew something was wrong, and then she started running a fever for the next 3 days. To top that one off, she started to get pink eye and we had to hold her down to give her the drops everyday. Katie had some sort of nasty head cold, which I am sure she caught from one of our children, that had her down and out over the weekend. Finally, I caught Alaric's stomach bug and was out of commission all weekend, and really did not even start to feel normal until Monday afternoon.

The Bad:

With all of this illness, it has been very difficult to exercise. I skipped walking over my lunch break on Friday and I skipped running on Saturday. I am hoping that the laps back and forth to the bathroom will compensate, not to mention the laps between our bedroom and the kids' in the night. Another problem is that I tend to eat like garbage when I am sick, even if I have a stomach problem. I have no real explanation for it, other than it usually makes me feel better for a short time.

The Good:

The kids are starting to feel better. Alaric went back to school this week, and Amara seems to be on the mend. Katie has also started to feel better and through it all continues to be the rock star Mom, wife, and operations manager for our household. I, too, have been feeling better and actually managed to lift weights yesterday and run this morning. I felt like I might die over the last half mile of my run this morning, but I did finish. And with all of our poor decisions on food and lack of exercise, Katie and I should each post a significant loss to our "weight watchers" group. I will probably lose another pound, or maybe 2, and Katie will probably post a 5-6 pound loss this week (Great work, baby!).

So all in all, it has been an eventful week at our house. I am glad that it is over, I hope it doesn't happen again for some time, and I am happy that it did not impede on our weight loss goals nor our healthy habits.

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  1. Thanks for the compliments, baby! I'm down 4 pounds this week and grateful last week is over!You too are a rockstar and still remained so focused, even when you were sick!