Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things to do

I have been writing up a grocery list in my head.  I have a chili cook off this weekend, and I have been racking my brain to come up with some creative ingredients for a soon-to-be award winning chili recipe.  Coming up with one list made me think of another list that I need to start working on.

Finally, the weather gods have answered our prayers and/or sacrifices and the sun is shining!  I came to work today with no coat on; the weather man says it could get up to 60 degrees.  It seems as though springtime is right around the corner and I have some work to do to prepare the upcoming seasons.  So I thought I might share my list with you all.

1. Buy some seeds.
           Last year we had a small garden in our backyard and it produce rather nicely.  With the encouragement of some success, we have decided to expand the project slightly.  I love garden fresh veggies and I want my children to experience some of the pride you have when you grow your own food.  So I need to get with the garden planning, seed purchasing, and possibly do a few starts under some lights in the basement.

2. Till the garden
           See above.  The ground in our garden space, and all over our yard for that matter, has a ton of clay in it.  So last fall I mulched a bunch of organic material into the beds with the idea that after decomposing throughout the winter, I could till it in this spring.

3. Register for Bike MS and start my fundraising
           I was nearly finished with my fundraising last year at this time, and now her I am and I haven't even signed up for the darn thing.

4. Get Roxanne some lube
          Actually she is going to need a complete spa treatment (tune up).  I never got her into the shop last fall.  If I expect to ride with any comfort at all this season, I have to treat my baby right.

5. Think of a good name for Alaric's bike
          He finally outgrew his old bike and we have stepped up in size this year.  I really want Alaric to enjoy riding this year.  I know that enjoyment is going to require a lot of time and attention from Daddy, but I will be very excited if I can get him riding like a rebel this year. I thought maybe a name for his bike would help.

6. Get Katie's bike fixed up
         She has said that she would like to ride in this year's Bike MS, but that she doesn't like her bike very much.  I have looked for a new bike in our price range,but there really isn't much out there.  So, I think a good overhaul of the bike that she rides now might help the situation.

These are just a few of the things that I need to get taken care of, along with running, racing, lifting weights, eating, working, painting (I won't forget this, honey!), playing with the kids, spending time with my wife, drinking beer, and I cannot forget to make the chili!

I cannot wait!

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