Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Homestretch

The very last part of any race is supposed to be the toughest.  Your body and mind are tired, you have spent all or most of your stored energy, and in general you just don't know if you are going to make it.  The homestretch is also where you should feel that boost of energy from the knowledge that the race is almost over.  Sometimes you use that energy for one last "kick" to bring you across the finish line.

And so it goes, or at least I hope it does, for weight loss.  A few weeks ago I set one of my goals as weighing 185lbs by July 10.  I have placed many obstacles to achieving this goal in front of me.  On occasion, I have been undisciplined with my eating and drinking beer.  Which has been easy, what with rewarding my children for jobs well done and a couple of major holidays packed in the middle.  I have stuck with my workouts, and even expanded some with my training for the half marathon.  My body and my mind are both tired of dieting, training, working around the house, and a general lack of sleep.  On Wednesday I weighed 191 pounds, which seems like a long ways from my goal.  However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that I could sneak in under the wire for a few short moments on Sunday, July 10.  I am excited about getting near the finish line, and I feel the rush to finish strong.  I am not for sure if I will make it, but I am proud of the effort that I have put in.

I am also not too overly concerned about the scale any longer.  I honestly feel that I have gained some good muscle mass in the recent weeks, and I it is my sincere hope that this is keeping my weight up.  I feel as though I am slimmer than I was a few weeks ago; some of my squishy parts aren't quite so squishy.  And if I get a good poop out I can even take my belt down a whole notch on occasion.  

So I guess that I am saying that things are going pretty well.  I have a chance to make my weight goal by Sunday, and overall I feel great!  I'll never really get to the finish line with this health and wellness stuff, but if I keep going the way I am, I will always be coming down the homestretch.

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