Monday, March 8, 2010

Reasons I love my Mom

There are thousands of reasons I love my Mom. She gave birth to me, fed me, taught me to love numbers (she's was a math teacher, and the reason I calculate to the hundreths place how fast I am running), and she always, always helps me to feel better about myself. After reading my very first blog post (check it out if you haven't already,, Mom sent me the following email.

Your blogs are awesome!

Remember, Brian, up through
kindergarten you were very slender. I bought you jeans in slim size


Thanks Mom. So there you have it, I guess I wasn't always fat; I had to learn about in school. Seriously though, this is the kind of woman Mom is. Always looking out for her kids, making people feel better, and loving them no matter what.

There is another reason I love my Mom. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met. My mom has Type 1 diabetes. She learned she had the disease when she was 18 years old. She lost her first child because of complications with the disease. She has had 2 retinal detachments, and she lives with the constant fear that diabetes may one day take her eyesight, or tragically even her life. It is difficult for me to even write about it. But my mom doesn't let it bring her down. Sure she has really bad days, just like any of us, but mostly she is determined to make the best of what she has been given. She is constantly researching the newest treatments for diabetes, even attempting a pancreatic transplant in the hopes of curing the disease (Sadly, the organ was rejected). She is very disciplined about what she eats, she exercises to ensure that her blood sugars are easier to control, and she is using her retirement years to see all of the things and places that she can. She has gone to Europe, DC, NYC, and Hawaii. She has convinced Dad start working out (he's already lost 5 lbs), giving him the chance to live a healthier life. And my mom loves my children fully and unconditionally. She even drives down to my home twice a month to watch the kids while Katie goes to work.

My mom and her strength are reasons why I am considering riding in one of the Rides to Cure Diabetes, , that and every fitness blog has to have some sort of charity they are working to support. I do not currently have diabetes, but there is nothing saying I still couldn't develop it. My kids, God forbid, could one day develop the disease. I think this just might be the kind of fight I have been looking for. If I do decide to jump off that bridge, I hope you all will be there to support me.

Lastly, I love you, Mom!

P.S. Another reason I love my Mom: I am fairly certain that she is going back and checking my grammar and punctuation. Sorry Mom, I definitely did not learn that in school.


  1. I love you Brian because of your love for your mom- you make me, her and all of us so proud!

  2. Great post! Your mom IS wonderful.