Saturday, March 20, 2010

Takin' this show on the road

So since my last post, things have been crazy. I, of course, struggle with my normal ups and downs of emotions while thinking about my employment situation. Plus, we have been trying to get ready for our son's 4th birthday party. While a child's birthday party may be a simple affair for many families, in our family it is quite an extravaganza. Plus, we have a trip to Chicago on Sunday. It should have been difficult to fit in all the working out, but with a little planning it worked out just fine.

Thursday after I got the news, I did go out to the local gyms looking for a heavy bag to beat on. Can you believe that neither gym had a punching bag? I was shocked and disappointed. But I did get on my bike (I am pretty sure her name is Roxanne, but I am still feeling that out) and go for about a 15 mile ride. It was nice. I took a new route through a couple of small towns nearby. The scenery was good, the ride was great, and I managed to push myself pretty good. It was something that I really needed. That night we met my parents at Steak n' Shake. I ordered my usual patty melt, fries, and chocolate malt, but I was good. I only ate half of the sandwich and fries. I finished the malt, but asking me to stop halfway on that is futile. Still, when I weighed in the next morning I was down 2 pounds.

On Friday, I still got up at 4:45am and did my strength workout. I had also planned to get a bike ride in, but I had a lead on a couple of jobs that I wanted to get a jump on. Between that and preparing for Alaric's party, it just never got done.

So this morning I got up at 4:00am (I didn't get home at 4; I got up at 4. I feel 80 years old) ran my 4.1 miles (A little slower today, 30:49, but still good), showered and made Alaric his breakfast in bed all by 6:30am. Then we had set-up, the party, clean-up, packing, and on and on. I had to ask permission just to come down here and tell everybody what is going on.

Now tomorrow starts my training program the 10k and 46 mile ride. I have 8 weeks to get ready and I am excited. I am going to get up early and do my strength before we have to finish packing and hit the road. I have a 10 mile hard bike ride scheduled for Monday. We will be in Chicago and I will not have my bike. So for what I believe is the first time in my life I will be using a hotel fitness center. I am sure that a lot of people use these things, but I usually am in a hotel to relax, maybe swim a little, and mostly stay as far away from the fitness center as possible. But their is a first time for everything.

I will have an update for everybody on how my March Madness finished out (I think I might actually finish the stretch having lost some weight, Yeah!) when we get back.

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