Thursday, June 2, 2011

I want to do something...

This fitness and health stuff has really gotten ahold of me.  I enjoy the lifestyle, I am passionate about it, and I want to share that passion! 

I have had the opportunity to talk with a couple of members of my weight loss support group about the difficulty of scheduling regular workouts in an already busy life.  I have encouraged them to find the time, make the time, and keep the time.  I volunteered to show up on the doorstep of one of them, should they need that kind of motivation.  I want to mentor.  I am a regular commenter on another blog I follow (the guy probably thinks I am some sort of strange stalker).  On occasion the writer gets down on himself, or has doubts, or just gets stuck in his head worrying about things.  I want to reach out and be a cheerleader/motivator/head-slapper.  He doesn't necessarily need that sort of person, but it is the role that I am drawn to nonetheless.

I want to organize a race in my hometown.  I want the proceeds of that race to go to the cafeterias in our schools so they can buy, make, and serve more fresh fruits and vegetables (have you seen what these kids eat at school!).

I also talked to another member of my weight loss support group about some healthy, low calories recipes.  I have a ton of great recipes, some of which I know by heart.  I love talking about good tasting, healthy food.  I want to see/be a part of/own/run a business that makes ready to eat, healthy meals for families as a better alternative to fast food.

I want all of these things.  Plans are always developing and changing in my head.  I don't know if life will allow me to do any of these things (it can be pretty tough going without luxuries such as a salary or health insurance), but I like the idea of them.  And I hope I get the chance to do some or all of them.

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