Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Help a Cancer Survivor

Recently, my wife was diagnosed with skin cancer.  She does an outstanding job of describing the emotional ups and downs that are associated with such a diagnoses on her blog.  Fortunately, the particular type of skin cancer that she had is very treatable and last Thursday we went to the dermatologist to have the cancer surgically removed.

Following the surgery, I was faced with the moral dilemma of how to support my incredible wife, who does so much for our family.  I eagerly prepared myself to take care of all the little and big things around the house so that she could get the much needed rest she deserved.  Also, I prepared to indulge my wife's every whim as she celebrated her new cancer-free life.  However, I was wholly unprepared for exactly what that commitment would mean to my fitness.

The day before the surgery and immediately after both of us having success on our weekly weigh-in, Katie says to me that she is going to indulge in what might be considered "unhealthy" diet practices.  I encourage her to do so and I told her I would do my best to support her decision.  So, almost immediately after her surgery we drove over to Chili's and had a delicious lunch that included an extremely decadent dessert.  Shortly after we went home the party really got started when her friends brought over a new 6-person beer bong!  It may sound a little strange, but my wife is a champion beerbonger!  So, we funneled a couple of beer each and sat down to a meatloaf dinner provided by our neighbor.  The next day, I wanted to treat the kids who had been so patient and understanding with a trip to McDonalds.  The kids each got a Happy Meal and since I thought I deserved a bit of a treat as well, I had a quarter pounder and fries!  My parents came to town on Saturday.  My parents, Katie's parents, Katie, the kids, and I all went to the German restaurant in Gibson City, where I had a healthy portion of smoked sausage spread, weiner schnitzel, bread pudding for dessert and a liter and a half of German Oktoberfest beer!  Everyone was kind of tired the next morning, so we went out to breakfast and I had a huge Irish skillet with corned beef hash, eggs and sausage gravy.  Finally after everyone had left, Katie and I treated ourselves to the last of the caramel brownies a friend had made.  And what is a brownie without a scoop of ice cream?

All in all, I am fairly certain I was consuming about 7000 calories a day.  At least I was a supportive husband?!  Katie has been brave enough to step onto the scale.  I on the other hand have taken to shitting in the woods as to avoid being in the presence of the scale.  I have continued to get out for my regular workouts but essentially, I am writing this week off.  I may think about getting back on the scale next Wednesday. 

The real moral to this story is that my wife is cancer-free and I could not be any happier!  I love you with all of my heart, Katie!

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  1. Ahh....tear, tear....and that's because of my love for you, not the tears I shed when I saw I had gained 7 pounds in 5 days.