Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Joy and Pain

I have mixed emotions about my Tuesday workouts.  On the one hand, I enjoy the physicality of the workout, and on the other, the workout is very difficult and hard on my body.

My new workout routine means that on Tuesdays, I jog the 1+ miles to the high school track to warm up. I sprint 800 yds in 200 yard intervals with 200 yard jogging in between.  Then I do, between 15 and 20 successive standing broad jumps, run up and down 10 flights of stadium stairs at the football field, and jog over to the playground for pull-ups, chin-ups, tricep extensions, and dips.  Then I jog the 1+ miles home to cool down.

I enjoy the jogging as time to get outside and just really stretch my legs, think about life, and enjoy the quiet. However, part of the last 1/4 mile is on an uphill, which can be exerting after the workout is complete.

I love the physicality of the sprints.  Honestly, when was the last time any of us have run out on a dead sprint for anything?  It is extremely intoxicating.  My first 200yd sprint today I completed in 34 seconds!  I was extremely pleased with that number!  I know it is far from setting any sort of land speed record, but I feel like it is pretty good for a man my age.  I would like to see me run a 30 second 200yd dash before winter really sets in.  The remainder of my sprints are not nearly as fast, but I push myself hard, and by the end I am breathing very heavy.

There is nothing I like about the bounds (successive broad jumps).  I am a terrible jumper and I feel lucky not to fall on my face.  However, I would like to get better and I think this training will help.  Plus, I read somewhere that a person should go out and work on something they suck at; I suck at jumping! 

The stadium stairs are cool.  I feel as though they may help with my difficulty with hills, but sometimes I wish there was more steps in a row than what exists at our stadium.

I am getting really geeked about the playground work.  My pull ups are coming along.  I would like to do 5 in a row before the snow falls.  And I recently added the dips into the playground work and I have been pretty impressed with how well I have been doing.  I can crank out 2 sets of 5 dips before I am falling apart.

Overall, I find a lot of joy in my Tuesday workouts!  My success at the physical work makes me very happy.  Plus, I am anxious to see greater results.  However, the workout does leave me in some pain.  My body is drained and my muscles really feel the sum of all the parts.  But, no pain, no gain, right?

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