Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seeing Results

The new workouts are already starting to pay dividends!  I have lost 4 pounds since last Thursday! 

My diet has been okay.  I have had a couple of splurges, but on the good days I have been eating lots of salads and other health-conscious meals.  I continue to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables at snack times.  I have begun drinking the occasional beer as well (Thank God!) and had one night with the kids and a bowl of ice cream, but overall I think I would give myself a B+, good but not great.

The workouts have been a work in progress as I try to find a new routine.  I did throw in a half mile swim last week, but because of expense ($11 for entrance and a towel!!!!) will not be doing that on a regular basis.  I had an interesting workout today.  I jogged one mile to the high school track to warm up, then sprinted two 400m laps with a 400m cool down in between.  I ran my first lap in 1:20.  I thought that was pretty good for a fat, old guy.  I followed up the track with about 30 "bounds" (think standing broad jump over and over and over...), then I ran one time through the stadium stairs and went over to the grade school for some more pull-ups and dips.  I finished it all off with another mile jog back home.  I am sure that I will eventually tire of these workouts as well, but for now I find the switch to be exciting and my body seems to be responding very well!

But the most exciting part has got to be watching the scale weigh a little less every morning.  It is amazing the kind of motivation that one gets as soon as they start seeing results!

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